Build Your Own Clone

The World's leading manufacturer of DIY electronics kits for guitarists.

DIY Recording Equipment

Making and distributing an ever-growing selection of kits to DIYers all over the world. DIY.RE is also the creator of the COLOUR  format, making true analog processing radically affordable, Colour is also a great platform for experimenting with and designing circuits.

Microphone Parts

The company's mission is to provide high-quality components and kits for DIY audio enthusiasts. They have analysed the best microphones in the world and found ways to provide circuits and capsules that deliver the same tone and superior performance specifications -- at a fraction of the price of vintage gear.

Hairball Audio

For nearly a decade Hairball Audio has focused on delivering the highest quality audio equipment with no compromises.  Hairball Audio, with the help of many amazing industry collaborators and local manufactures has shaped itself into a leader offering handmade audio products.  Together we hope to transform your studio to ensure that the quality of your tools will never limit your artistic vision.

GKL Audio

Born of over a decade of research, development, and study with industry giants such as Wes Dooley (Audio Engineering Associates, AEA), George Massenburg (GML, MDW), and Harold Kilianski (O’Henry), GKL manufactures professional analogue audio equipment for the 21st century.

Studio Six Digital | AudioTools

At Studio Six Digital, our passion is bringing professional audio test and measurement to the iOS platform.

Electronic Audio Experiments

Electronic Audio Experiments is a small-batch manufacturer of stompboxes and amplifiers.  

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