Lewis Athanas

Lewis Athanas is a technology innovator who has beed awarded 5 patents and has seen over 37 high volume products brought to market. He was the founder and CTO of Emo Labs, focused on a new approach to Active Noise Cancellation. His specialties include smart materials, high performance composites, analog electronics, audio and acoustic analysis, optical coatings, magnetic fluids; product development from concept to manufacturing.

Matthew Azevedo

Matthew Azevedo holds degrees in sound recording technology and architectural science, Matt developed Acentech’s 3D Listening software platform that Acentech uses in its project work. 3DListening is a sound simulation technology that uses computer modeling to design and listen to the acoustics of a space before it is built.


Outside the office, Matt masters records at Azevedo Audio. he is also an active performer with a composition and performance practice based on custom-designed analog synthesizers and loudspeaker arrays. My most recent LP, Aokigahara, was released on Type Recordings in 2015.

Lou Clark

Lou Clark is an accomplished recording studio designer, engineer, and avid supporter of the Audio Engineering Society. With over 20 years of studio design expertise on a national level, his list of successful designs is impressive. 


Before starting Sonic-Space, Lou gained over 25 years of experience designing spaces while working for acoustical consulting firms, architects, and facility engineering cores. Lou brings a musical background as a performer, composer, and recording engineer to his design aptitude. He has studied architecture at the Boston Architectural College, sound system design at Synergetic Audio Concepts and has a Bachelor degree in Music/Sound Recording Technologies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In 2003 he became the founder and principal design talent for Sonic-Space.

Andy Carballeira

Andy Carballeira is and Senior Engineering Consultant in sound and vibration with Acentech.  He is a  jazz organist with a passion for audio and acoustics, Andy has held teaching appointments at Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. He holds a BM in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music and is the recipient of the Newman Medal in Architectural Acoustics. His work has appeared in venues ranging from Downbeat Magazine to The Annals of Internal Medicine. 

Blake Courtney

Blake Courtney is a Commercial AV contractor and he also builds custom main monitors as part of complete control room design for a leading designer. Blake is also an artist who's work also includes the Burning Man 2013 Honorarium Project, an opportunity bestowed upon a handful of artisans to create thought-provoking works to put on display in the playa during the festivities in the Nevada desert. Blake also builds custom cafe racer motorbikes for Madhouse motors. Currently he working in Oakland/Hayward California MegaBots on their MK3 Mech bot.

Jay Frigoletto

Jay is an award-winning, veteran mastering engineer, having owned high-end mastering studios in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. In late 2005 he completed a new state-of-the-art mastering facility northwest of Boston, catering both to major labels and independent artists. His clients have included a who's who of artists in rock, hip hop, jazz, latin, and country, including Alice in Chains, Ani DiFranco, Oasis, India.Arie, Black Eyed Peas, Blondie, INXS, Shinedown, Crossfade, Nonpoint, Damage Plan, Saliva, Tesla, Clay Walker, The Yellowjackets, Spock's Beard, Soraya, Intocable, Kumbia Kings, and the X-Men 2 soundtrack. Albums Jay has mastered have earned a Grammy award, several Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations, gold and multi-platinum record awards. He is also an accomplished pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and alumnus of Berklee College of Music.  

Jay is the Chief Audio Technology Officer at Cognaural where he works closely with the DSP team to ensure the highest quality sound for VR, Upmix, and HiFi products. 

Hendrik Gideonse

Hendrik Gideonse designs acoustic treatment and he invented and wrote a patent for an acoustic diffuser called the Acoustic Ramp. He designs and supervises construction of recording studios, performance space and listening rooms. Hendrik holds degrees in Music Composition and Sound Recording Technology.  

Nick Joyce

Nick Joyce was a house FOH engineer in rooms like The Paradise, The Channel, and Bunratty’s, In the mid 80's he was Production Manager/Monitor Engineer for Miles Davis. By the mis-90's he was FOH for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and John Scofield. He worked for many years at the The Boston Conservatory and is currently the Audio Designer at the Hanover Theater. 

Eric Pearce

At Soundwall Construction Eric Pearce builds customized recording studios and acoustical treatments for critical listening environments, live room acoustics, and any situation where sound control is needed. Eric works with acoustical designers and engineers to create solutions and room designs tailored to your specific needs. He provide construction and contracting for a complete facility from the ground up, a simple room treatment, or anywhere in between, for both residential and commercial needs.

Robert Pemberton

Robert Pemberton provides professional audio, visual and communication design and integration at Audire Design. Rob was a recording engineer at Sound Station Seven, Inc.  and was also a partner at Parson's Audio.  

Dr. Bill Gardner

Wave Arts founder and president Dr. Bill Gardner earned his Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab, and before that spent 7 years developing software and signal processing algorithms at Kurzweil Music Systems. At Wave Arts, he develops plug-ins and other audio processing and voice over IP technology. He has written significant publications in the area of reverberation and 3-D audio processing. Bill is a weekend warrior guitarist and member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Doug Fearn

D.W. Fearn manufactures professional vacuum tube audio recording equipment, including microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, compressors, DI interfaces, and accessories. Our products are used around the globe, in personal studios as well as the world’s top recording facilities.


Dr. Alfred Benjamin Roney

Dr. Alfred Benjamin Roney is Senior DSP Engineer at Listen Inc. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, a PhD from the University of South Florida, and several years’ research experience, Ben has spent the past 10 years in algorithm development for audio software. He has extensive experience in audio DSP algorithms, gained from senior developer positions at MOTU, The MathWorks and Shure, and has experience with a broad range of languages, frameworks, environments and development methodologies. Outside of work, Ben enjoys wilderness hiking and playing classical guitar.

Peterson Goodwyn

Peterson founded DIY.RE in 2010 and started selling the L2A Re-amplifier kit, designed specifically to introduce beginners to the world of DIY. Today he sells over 20 Pro Audio products and has pioneered the 500 series Colour format adopted by other manufacturers.

Charlie DeVane

Charlie DeVane is the senior developer of the Audio System Toolbox for MATLAB, chiefly responsible for audio plugin and MIDI features. He also teaches Computer Science in the Sound Recording Technology program at UMass Lowell. Charlie is an active member of the Boston Section of the AES, plays out occasionally on fretless bass, and is pretty sure his project studio will never be completed. He is a senior member of the ACM, and holds an MEng in Computer Science from Cornell University, a BSEE from NC State, and 11 patents.

Gordon Wichern

Gordon is a DSP Engeneer at iZotope and his recent paper presented at AES 141 offered insight in to the latest most cutting edge DSP technology that you can find in iZotope's Newtron plug-in. His previously worked at the MIT Lincoln and was Laboratory and NSF IGERT Trainee in Arts, Media and Engineering/Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. 

David Thibodeau

David Thibodeau is the VP at Daking, Applications Engineer for the Consumer Audio Group with Analog Devices, and Professor of Studio Maintenance at Umass Lowell and Berklee!


John W. Snyder

John is a PhD student at Boston University and works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is the Owner/Chief Engineer at Electronic Audio Experiments where he is a small batch manufacturer of stompboxes and tube amps.

Michael Blackmer

Michael Blackmer's experience in product and circuit design may be overshadowed by his experience with DBX, Electric Lady, Earthworks Audio, and as an acoustician and repair tech.

Neil Miller

Neil has been building custom circuitry for his keyboard setup for more years than he can count, as well as designing electronics for mass produced products by Ovation Guitars, Fishman Transducers, and Scholz Research.  His designs include electronics for the Rockman headphone amp and the original Parker Fly Guitar. 

Patrick Grenham

Patrick Grenham started repairing tube amps out of necessity and gradually figured out what the Hell he was doing. Aside from maintaining the analog equipment at The Soul Shop, Grenham does some tech work on tube recording gear and custom builds amplifiers and recording gear on a limited basis for outside players and engineers. 

Bob Hertig

Bob Co-Founded U-Turn Audio in 2012 and raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter. They sold 5,000 inex­pen­sive, all-​​analog turntables last year and are projected to double their sales in 2015.  

Coleman Rogers

Coleman designed a remote controlled 8ch Neve style preamp when we worked a PAD and now he works at Analog Devices where he primarily does SMD board layout. 

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