Peter and Robert-Erik Gaskell are GKL Audio. Along with their boutique line of products, they have also developed a do-it-yourself, half rack, 2ch pre amp, with Colour! The gKit Baby sounds great and also serve as an education tool for builders. More Info:

Eric was involved with the design of the AEA R84 ribbon mic and published an AES paper on the psycho-acoustics of op-amp distortion. He is an audio engineer and educator at Mcgill University. Peter is also an educator, and electronics designer and works as a Research and Development Engineer for the University of Michigan. Before starting GKL, the brothers worked with giants such as Wes Dooley (Audio Engineering Associates, AEA), George Massenburg (GML, MDW), and Harold Kilianski (O’Henry).

The build class includes the gKik Baby, instruction, lunch, and use of all the required tools.

Build gKit Baby: 3/6/2016

  • 10AM Start