9AM to 5PM

Saturday 4/29

Hosted by Acentech in Cambridge, MA


8:00 AM A/V and Food Setup

09:00AM  Speaker Design From Past to Present with Lewis Athanas

10:00AM Cabinets with Blake Courtney

11:00AM  Tuning a System with Nick Joyce

12:00PM  Sound Isolation with Matt Azevedo 

1:00PM Lunch   

1:45PM "Control Rooms From Past to Present" Jay Frigoletto

2:45PM Control Room Speaker Placement with Lou Clark, Eric Pearce, and Robert Pemberton

3:45PM Diffusion with Hendrik Gideonse

4:45PM  Control Room Bass Managment with Andy Carballeira  

5:45PM Hang out / Clean Up


6:30 PM Dinner




Lewis Athanas: Inventor of Edge Motion Technology

Matt Azevedo: Acentech

Andy Carballeira: Acentech
Hendrik Gideonse: XIX Acoustics
Jay Frigoletto: Mastersuite 

Blake Courtney: Commercial AV Contractor / Studio Monitor Builder.
Nick Joyce: Hanover Theater

Lou Clark: Sonic Space 

Robert Pemberton: Audire Design

Eric Pearce: Soundwall Construction





DIY Acoustics