We will have round table discussions, builders workshops, and  seminars for audio builders at all levels. If you have been designing your or audio gear, building kits, or just wondering if you should learn to solder this event is for you. 

Builders Classes:

In these classes you will be provided with tools and materials so you can will take home what you build. We expect that many will successfully complete the projects within the class time but we can't guarantee this. 

Distortion Pedal Assembly Class: Build a DOD250 with John Snyder. Advanced Registration Required

Passive Re-Amplifier Assembly Class: Build the L2A with Peterson Goodwyn from DIY.RE

From Proto to Product 11/05/2015

  • 10AM Start

  • Peterson Goodwyn: Founded DIY.RE in 2010 and started selling the LINE2AMP Re-amplifier kit, designed specifically to introduce beginners to the world of DIY. Today he sells over 20 pro audio products and has pioneered the 500 series Colour format adopted by other manufacturers.

    Bob Hertig: Co-Founded U-Turn Audio in 2012 and raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter. They sold 5,000 inex­pen­sive, all-​​analog turntable last year and are projected to double their sales in 2015.  

    John W. Snyder: Currently in his second year as a PhD student at Boston University and works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is the Owner/Chief Engineer at Electronic Audio Experiments, a small-batch manufacturer of stompboxes and tube amps.

    Tony Norton: Founded Analog Craftsman in 2008 where he is designing, modifying, and building modular analog synthesizer modules including circuits and user interfaces for original products.

    Michael Blackmer: Michael's experience in product and circuit design may be overshadowed by his experience with DBX, Electric Lady, Earthworks Audio and as an acoustician and repair tech.

    Patrick Grenham: Started repairing tube amps out of necessity and gradually figured out what the Hell he was doing. Aside from maintaining the analog equipment the Soul Shop,  Grenham does some tech work on tube recording gear and custom builds amplifiers and recording gear on a limited basis for outside players and engineers. 

    Neil Miller: Neil has been building custom circuitry for his keyboard setup for more years than he can count, as well as designing electronics for mass produced products by Ovation Guitars, Fishman Transducers, and Scholz Research.  His designs include electronics for the Rockman headphone amp and the original Parker Fly Guitar

    Monte McGuire has been designing and modifying recording equipment, wiring recording studios, and variously twisting knobs for over three decades. He is currently working to launch his new company, Totally Sound, with a high performance monitor controller that challenges traditional design concepts as well as the limits of modern test equipment.