This full day seminar is designed for recording and electrical engineers or anyone who wants to understand the sound and design characteristics of microphone pre amplifiers. We will have lectures and a selection of pre-amps to hear first hand. This is a collaborative group, your questions and input are welcome. 

We are blessed to have designers and educators Peter and Robert-Erik Gaskell flying in for this event.  The brothers will be joined by our local talent, John Snyder and Roger Colman for an in depth look at Microphone Pre Amps. Doug Fearn will talk about Tube pres! David Thibodeau also also agreed to speak. He is the VP at Daking, Applications Engineer for the Consumer Audio Group with Analog Devices, and Professor of Studio Maintenance at UMass Lowell and Berklee!

Mic Pres A to Z: 3/5/2016

  • Schedule of Topic

    9:00 AM:  Coffee and Name Tags

    10:00 AM:   An Introduction Pre Amp Circuits with John Snyder

    10:30 AM: The Evolution of Pre Amp Design with Peter Gaskell

    11:00 PM:  What Gives Pre Amps There Sound with Erik Gaskell

    12:00 PM:  Neve 1073 Forensic Recreation with Coleman Rogers

    1:00 PM:  Lunch / Listening Party

    2:00 PM:  Making Class A for the 500 Series with David Thibodeau

    3:00 PM:  Tube Amps with D.W. Fearn

    4:00 PM:  CP-5 vs. Baby Designs with the Gaskell Bros

    5:00 PM:  Q and A / Cherry Pick Live Demo in A