"I made this!"
Getting Started 
Audio Builders Workshop can provide the kits, tools, and curriculum support to enhance your classes.  Your students can build professional equipment and gain a deeper understanding of technology. We encourage you to run your own workshops or incorporate our teaching modules into your existing program.  You can have us run workshops in your area or ask us to supply you with everything you need to run your own events.   We work with you directly to meet your particular needs. Contact us now for a consultation.
Why Teach Technology with Music?
From the evolution of harpsichord to piano or from tubes to transistors, technology as always shaped the music around us. At the Audio Builders workshop, we can help you begin, enhance, and sustain an education program in your community. By harnessing a passion for music your students will develop a deeper understand of the technology they use to create it and learn the skill them need to inovate.
Why Choose ABW?
  • Coordinate with one vendor rather than multiple boutique businesses.

  • You need a vendor who is built around the academic calendar so kits are delivered for week one.

  • Receive technical and curriculum support resources 

  • As your curriculum evolves from stomp boxes to mic preamps, you need a vendor who will evolve with you.

Our partners have a large selection of kits to fit your educational objectives. Lesson plans and assessment materials are available by request. Basic tool kit and test equipment can easily be provided for every student.   

Any Guitar Effect

We offer a circuit analysis to help you build lessons around our massive selection of guitar effects and amplifiers. Contact us for specific details. 

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Many schools are already using our kits.

SAE Institute

McGill University

Hartt School

Royal Conservatory in the Hague

Universidad San Francisco - in Ecuador

San Buenaventura University in Bogotá DC

Fontys University, Eindhoven, NL

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Host a Workshop 

Hosting an Audio Builders Workshop is a great opportunity to see how your students can learn while building. You provide a meeting space and we will take care of the rest. 

Contact us:  info@audiobuildersworkshop.com